COVID-19 Updates: As new information continues to emerge on COVID-19, we will be keeping you up to date on our business operations. We are delighted to announce that we will be re-opening our restaurant from Wednesday, 1st July. The safety of our customers and staff is of top priority right now, and we've made sure to cater to the new needs of Covid-19, without losing our style ;) You can book a table with us on 0719842391. Opening times are 5:30 - 9pm Wednesday to Saturday, and 4 - 8:30pm on Sundays.


Feel welcome to contact us via email for any enquiries, comment or reservation requests.
For restaurant bookings, please contact us over the phone.
E-mails, for accommodation bookings, need to be sent at least 4 days in advance.
We will contact you back to confirm the booking.
Please include your name and a valid contact number in all the email communications.